A Look At Easy Secrets In Local News

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Trouble-free Methods Broken Down

Defying Erdogan, Turkeys Central Bank Raises Interest Rates

But it could also set the bank up for a clash with Mr. Erdogan if higher borrowing costs begin to cool the rapid economic growth that he has sought to bolster his popular support. In a statement announcing its move, the Turkish central bank said there were “upside risks” to inflation, despite “weaker domestic demand conditions.” It added that, as a result, it had “decided to implement a strong monetary tightening to support price stability.” For nearly two decades, Turkey had uninterrupted growth that helped reduce poverty, increase the ranks of the middle class and, until recently, turned the nation into a darling of international investors. But the growth was built chiefly on a construction boom fed by cheap credit and an avalanche of government spending that Mr. Erdogan poured into the economy to stimulate even more activity. That success story has become increasingly unsustainable. On the ground, the plunge in the lira has had an impact on daily life in a litany of ways, affecting even the availability of pharmaceutical supplies. Major drug wholesalers in Turkey are running low on stocks, and soon many antibiotics, as well as drugs for oncology, as well as cardiovascular and neurological ailments, will fall out of date, according to Vedat Bulut, the president of the Ankara Chamber of Pharmacists. “Hundreds of thousands of people will be affected,” Mr. Bulut said. “Especially for cancer patients, a delay of even a few days in treatment may cause metastasis.” The lira’s dizzying ups and downs have mirrored many of the challenges faced by emerging market currencies.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/13/business/turkey-central-bank-interest-rates-erdogan.html

Jacob R. Johnston, said the commanding general of the Second Marine Division will decide if she receives an honorable discharge. Her separation from the Marine Corps is still being processed, said Maj. Robert E. Shuford, a spokesman for the Second Marine Expeditionary Force. “Regardless of the outcome of this case, Corporal Cruz has been a courageous pioneer for women in the military and she has earned a place in Marine Corps history,” Captain Johnston said in a statement. Of the roughly 184,000 active-duty Marines, around 15,800 are women. As of July, 24 women were serving in infantry billets in the Marine Corps, according to military documents obtained by The New York Times. The Army, with roughly 740 women who are serving in previously restricted combat roles, has encountered its own issues with integrating women into the jobs. Last week, the Army Times reported an investigation of a relationship between a senior noncommissioned officer and a junior female infantry soldier in the same unit. Corporal Cruz, of Fleischmanns, N.Y., joined the Marines as a supply clerk in 2013 and completed infantry training in 2014.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/12/us/politics/women-marines-infantry-discharge-.html

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